Conference Theme: Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy

In an increasingly digital economy, opportunities dazzle, threats loom large, and management challenges abound.  Pervasively connected and powered by digital technologies, to which extent will modern organizations require or invent new forms of management?

Big Data, digital businesses, platforms, innovation ecosystems, but also algorithmic organization, network effects, winner-take-all: far from being simply a purely technological phenomenon, digitization affects individuals, organizations, industries, markets, and regions. It alters individual and team behaviors, practices, organizational processes, industry dynamics, and impacts outcomes at several levels of analysis. The digital phenomenon is multifaceted and affects how we work and how we organize. It changes the way organizations compete and innovate. It threatens long-lasting business models, and opens up new ways of creating and capturing value. As such, it is not only clearly relevant for management practitioners, but also centrally important for management scholars. 

The Conference program is articulated around six track themes, which have been co-developed by AOM Divisions & Interest Groups. Each theme is meant to be of interest and relevance to more than one Division, in line with the cross-disciplinary ethos of the conference.

Special Journal Collaborations

The Steering Committee of the AOM Specialized Conference on Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy is pleased to announce a collaboration with three journals for this Specialized Conference that may align with planned special features or special issues of these journals. 
The journals, Academy of Management Perspectives, Technovation, and Long Range Planning are each committed to developing a special feature or special issue in association with the conference. 
The topic under development for a joint collaboration between the Academy of Management Perspectives and Technovation is titled “The Dark Side and Bright Side of the Internet of Things,” issued from editors Mike Wright (AMP) and Jonathan Linton (Technovation); while the topic under development for a Special Issue of Long Range Planning, titled “Strategizing in a Digital World,” will be issued by editor Henk W. Volberda.